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"We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society." 

~Angela Davis~

Courses Taught


​Social/Political Philosophy​ & Ethics

  • Theories of Oppression and Liberation

  • The Aesthetics of Social Change

  • Critical Theory (survey or close reading of single philosopher)

  • Karl Marx (or close reading of single text)

  • Law and Ethics

  • Introduction to Feminism and Philosophy of Gender

History and Surveys

  • Survey of 19th and/or 20th Century Continental Philosophy (or close reading of single philosopher)

  • Survey of Contemporary French Philosophy

  • Existentialism

  • Aesthetics/Introduction to Philosophy of Art

  • Africana Philosophy

  • African American Philosophy

* The courses that fall outside of the scope of my AOS are undergraduate courses only.

“Out of all the courses I have taken at Purdue, this is my favorite class. Even though I personally don’t like to share my opinions or take a stand to argue against anyone, the class is set-up more for open discussion than debate. I don’t feel afraid to contribute to the discussion and voice my opinion because Tiffany makes the environment safe and comfortable for all sorts of differing viewpoints. I really like how we review the study guide questions on each topic by discussing them in a circle rather than just sitting through a PowerPoint presentation. Being able to participate really helps me learn.”


—  Name, Title

Student Testimonials

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