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"Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." 

~Karl Marx~


We are all citizens of multiple communities, and as such, I believe it is our responsibility to continuously work to improve these places we call home and the conditions of existence for our brothers and sisters. I have never been a scholar who insulates themself from the pain, love, and intensity of life outside of the 'ivory tower'. I have been actively organizing and/or building community in various ways for a decade and continue to work to create positive change.  

Likewise, within the academy, it is important to continually hold our institutions accountable to aligning with the values of equity and the right to education for all, while recognizing the role that academia plays in the larger structures & ideologies of society. The following is a history of my service & committee work within the academy.

Disciplinary Service

2022 - 2023
2018 - 2021

Guest Editor for Radical Philosophy Review 

Chair of the “Programing Committee” for the Radical Philosophy Association (RPA) - for organizing the annual national conference.

“Committee of Hispanics and Latinx” of the American Philosophical Association (APA) - in service of the interests & recognition of Hispanic/Latinx philosophers

2016 - Present

“International Committee” of the Philosophy Born of Struggle organization - tasked with organizing international PBoS conferences & roundtable discussions, particularly in the "global south"

Departmental Service

2018 - 2019
2017 - 2018
2015 - 2016
2013 - 2014
2010 - 2011

Conference Submission Selection Committee, Inclusive Philosophies – Online Graduate Student Workshop, Purdue University.

Co-Founder, Minorities in Philosophy (MAP). Purdue University Chapter.

Diversity and Inclusion Research Assistant for the Department of Philosophy, Purdue University

Conference Submission Selection Committee and Conference Organizer, Inclusive Philosophies: Purdue University Graduate Student Conference, Purdue University

"Graduate Representative" (liaison for graduate students), Department of Philosophy, Purdue University

"Graduate Student Liaison" (liaison for undergraduate students to communicate with the department, professors or graduate students) for the Undergraduate Philosophy Society, Purdue University

Treasurer of Phi Sigma Tau (International Honor Society in Philosophy), University of New Mexico

University Service

2018 - 2021
2018 - 2021

Co-Organizer of : "Let's Talk Latinidad" Series. Muhlenberg College.

Graduate School Advisory Council on Diversity Issues.

& Graduate Administrative Assistant for the Latino Cultural Center (resource for the "recruitment, retention, & graduation of Latino students") at Purdue University

Treasurer/Officer of the “Latino Graduate Student Organization” (LGSO), Purdue University

Creator of “Latinx Alumni Mentorship Program” (LAMP) - Mentorship network connecting undergraduate students with graduate student and professional alumni. Latino Cultural Center, Purdue University. 

2016 - 2019
2008 - 2009

Liberal Arts Diversity Action Committee (LADAC): Purdue College of Liberal Arts

"Graduate Student Recruitment Coordinator" (coordinated recruitment events/activities for prospective graduate students) for the Deans Office, College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University.

Conference organizer and selection committee, Anarchism and the Body: Interdisciplinary Conference at Purdue University

High School Outreach Facilitator: “Why You Should Be a Philosophy Major,” Sponsored by Purdue Latino Cultural Center. Jefferson High School, Lafayette,

Editor and Peer Reviewer of Scribendi - Art and Literary Magazine, Western Regional Honors Colleges.

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